Dusted 'Blackout Summer'

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As one of the founding members of the noisy electronic group Holy Fuck, Brian Borcherdt has spent years making unhinged dance music and touring relentlessly as the band’s envelope-pushing sound developed. Behind the scenes, however, Borcherdt was writing songs of his own that branched out in dramatically different directions than his main gig. At a low key hometown show during a holiday break, Dusted was born as an almost total antithesis to Holy Fuck’s bomb-dropping sound.

Standing alone with a guitar, and singing through a crackling guitar amp, Borcherdt’s solo songs were minimal, floating and wrapped in a soft but troubled haze. The room was held for a moment in that haze, a crowded chatty bar unexpectedly hushed by this strange ambience being shared for the first time. If Brian’s work in Holy Fuck represented a reckless night out, Dusted was the somber comedown the morning after.

1 Seasons
2 Backwoods Ritual
3 All I Am
4 Cut Corners
5 Dead Eyes
6 Will Not Disappear
7 No Prison
8 Five Hundred and Four
9 Outline of a Wolf