Young Guv '2 Sad 2 Funk'

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Nothing is ever as it seems with Young Guv, but it always feels good. At first glance cloaked in a bold, ready-made distance, 2 Sad 2 Funk reveals itself over time to be an emotional, perfectly crafted, detourned pop record. Young Guv is the creation of Toronto-based auteur Ben Cook, an artist with over a decade playing guitar and singing in hardcore punk groups and a long discography of Young Governing. On 2 Sad 2 Funk, Guv pushes the power pop motif to its natural, 21st post-structuralist conclusion: it’s an album ridden with the cultural noise that bleeds through human interaction, distorting relationships and eroding that great Luv you thought you had.


1. Intro Bust
2. 2 Sad 2 Funk
3. KFC
4. Stand In The Way
5. Saint Clair
6. Dot
7. You've Been Acting Strange Lately
8. TIC
9. Ain't Fallin' In Luv Again
10. Oshawa
11. Turn Down Day
12. YBabyy
13. Lookin' Ahead