Fiddlehead 'Get My Mind Right'

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"'Get My Mind Right,' is a song trying to revolt against a state of quiet desperation, largely brought on by the feeling of being left behind. Sometimes, living in isolation, like a small, quiet town that seems to slow the passing of time to a grinding halt, can further exacerbate the desperation to a point where one is left with the only option of asking for anyone to help. Resolution, however, CAN come from the understanding that we are all the masters of our own minds and that we, ourselves, decide how to navigate the depressing paradoxical path of a life that seems to go too fast and go nowhere at the same time. In short, it is a song about living in a place called, Acushnet." - Patrick Flynn

1. Get My Mind Right
2. Stay In The Room

Pressing Information:

First Press
300 Gold with Red & Brown Splatter
700 Pink

Second Press
500 Half Clear / Half Coke Bottle Green