A.F.I. 'All Hallow's EP (Picture Disc)'

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1999 MARKED A TURNING POINT IN THE CAREER OF AFI. The Ukiah based punks had already been mining the depths of the post hardcore world for nearly a decade. A change in the lineup - guitarist Mark Stopholese was replaced by Jade Puget - led the band to explore a much darker sound. With the release of the All Hallow's E.P., AFI found larger exposure than they had in the past when the single "Totalimmortal" got a fair amount play from radio. The EP helped to develop the band's specific brand of horror punk. The artwork and lyrics both contain Halloween themes, and they even went as far as to cover the Misfit's classic, "Halloween." Craft Recordings memorializes the 20th anniversary of this turning point with a limited edition pic disc reissue of the All Hallow's E.P..