The Hold Steady 'Stay Positive 10 Year Anniversary 3xLP'

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Stay Positive is the 2008, fourth studio album by The Hold Steady. Singer Craig Finn defines ‘Stay Positive’ as an album, musically and lyrically, about the attempt to age gracefully. Incorporating harpsichord, banjo and talk box, on "Stay Positive" the band's gift for literate, anthemic songwriting finds a new focus Finn calls “more musical... more dynamics, different instrumentation, more complex arrangements, and not always hiding behind raw volume.”

1. Constructive Summer
2. Sequestered in Memphis
3. One for the Cutters
4. Navy Sheets
5. Lord, I’m Discouraged
6. Yeah Sapphire
7. Both Crosses
8. Stay Positive
9. Magazines
10. Joke About Jamaica
11. Slapped Actress
12. Ask Her For Adderall (Bonus)
13. Two Handed Handshake (Bonus)
14. Cheyenne Sunrise (Bonus)
15. Spectres (Bonus)
16. 40 Bucks (Bonus)
17. This Isn’t Enough (Bonus)
18. You Tremble (Bonus)
19. Ballad of The Midnight Hauler (Bonus)