Slug Christ & nedarb 'Deep (un)Learning (Cassette Tape)'

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Slug Christ and Nedarb Nagrom return with their second official collaboration release, "Deep (un)Learning". The follow up release to 2017's "It's Colder at the Bottom of the Shower", and a complete disconnect from the norm these two artists are well known for, this album is unique on many unprecedented levels for this duo. A further expansion of their ability to be ecclectic in genres, this ambient project is experimental in nature, spacey, slow, personal, and beautiful. Departures are necessary to expand, and Slug Christ and Nedarb have broken new ground with "Deep (un)Learning", and the proof is in the documentation. Blackhouse Ltd. and Candy Drips are proud to present this, in it's entirety, with a limited run of uniquely packaged CD's and cassettes. All copies come with a poster containing the full lyrics and exclusive photos by Dash Romero (Awful Records).