Healing Potpourri 'Blanket of Calm'

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Healing Potpourri want to create songs that make you feel good. It’s not often that we take a moment to appreciate music that specifically exists to comfort and rejuvenate – music that aims to sound as pleasant as its intentions - but that’s exactly what Healing Potpourri achieves on the new full-length, Blanket of Calm. The album is a collection of 11 effervescent songs to soundtrack better days—and hopefully inspire more of them.

While not every moment of Blanket of Calm is perfectly sunny, they are all very human. Songs like “Think About Us” and “Dustin’s Rain Tape” touch on interpersonal relationships and longing; the latter an ode to a childhood friend, while the former explores the sometimes fleeting nature of connect- ing with another person. The album’s closing song, “Glittery Sidewalks,” pulls many of these lyrical themes together along with returning musical cues. It’s a fitting way to end Blanket of Calm, an album that reminds us that sometimes a musical salve is exactly what we needed.

1. Dream Vacay
2. Blanket of Calm
3. Think About Us
4. Moment Alone
5. Laney
6. Dustin’s Rain Tape
7. Camellia
8. Pieces
9. The Page
10. La Vida Tranquila
11. Glittery Sidewalks

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350 Cloudy Green
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