V-Moda x Run For Cover Records 'Crossfade LP2 Headphones'

Product Information //

For over half a decade, V-Moda Headphones have been the go-to for all of us here at RFC. It's hard to sound genuine when endorsing a product you're selling, but if you saw our personal headphones, you'd be able to tell just how much time we've spent using them - hundreds of hours and still going strong. The Crossfade LP2 are created with the artist in mind, intended for everything from live DJ sets to casual listening, and to put it simply, they sound amazing. The Crossfade LP2s remain comfortable over long periods of use, they're noise isolating, and feature a high quality microphone (for Call of Duty & Zoom calls), carrying case, and removable cable. All in all, an incredible value.

There is no better time than Black Friday to grab a pair of high quality, limited edition, RFC headphones. They'll keep your ears warm on those forbidden winter dog walks, and make it extremely easy to ignore your most annoying family members this Holiday Season. These exist in very limited quantities, so act fast.

The Crossfade LP2 comes with the SpeakEasy™ 1‑Button Mic Cable for easy communication and and the Audio Only Cable for high-quality listening, going straight to your instrument for pure analog sound. Also includes a durable form-fitting exoskeleton case for storing your headphones while traveling, as well as two solid-black metal shields.

For more info on the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 Model, Click here.