Wicca Phase Springs Eternal 'Mystery Club'

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US Customers: Your Mystery Club membership includes three separate shipments that will be delivered to you on a monthly basis until the release of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal on June 2nd. - Any other items placed in an order along with this item will not ship until this item is in stock and ready to ship on or near 6/2/23
- Brands specified for merch are subject to change based on availability of product.
- We cannot combine separate orders.
- All images of physical items on this page are digital mockups & the final product may differ slightly from what is pictured.

It’s official, you are now invited to join the elusive Wicca Phase Springs Eternal Mystery Club.

As a Mystery Club member, you will be receiving multiple shipments leading up to the release of the new album Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, to be released on June 2nd. With each new single, you will receive a specially curated care package containing exclusive music, merch, and various other oddities that will not be available to anyone outside of the Mystery Club. Members will receive 3 shipments in total. One in April, one in May, and one to arrive by the release date of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal on June 2nd.

If we told you everything in the packages, it would no longer be shrouded in Mystery, but what we can tell you is that you will receive Wicca Phase Springs Eternal on Stormcloud Splatter vinyl, the WPSE Palomino Partner Plushie, at least two exclusive merch designs, and hand written notes personally signed by Adam.

Become a Mystery Club member today to find out what else lies beyond the portal’s gate.

  1. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
  2. Moving Without Movement
  3. Twilight Miracle
  4. It's Getting Dark
  5. Saturday Night
  6. Open Portal
  7. Farm
  8. One Silhouette
  9. Assembly
  10. Now That It's Dark
  11. Mystery I'm Tied to You
  12. Who's Watching Me